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2008 results

Standard Life v Kirk Brae

30/07/2008Newfield 2
Standard Life 103 for 7 (20.0 overs)Kirk Brae 63 for 6 (20.0 overs)
C.Goddard 37*, H.Kumar 10K.Blake 18, U.Tahir 14*
S.Morley 2-12, B.Pearse 1-6, U.Tahir 1-7, C.Seditas 1-8D.Sangster 2-3, K.Lal 2-11, D.Verma 1-8

Won By 40 Runs

Standard Life v Scottish Widows (Insurance Trophy)

24/07/2008Newfield 2
Standard Life 81 all out (20.0 overs)Scottish Widows 82 for 5 (19.3 overs)
D.Sangster 29, N.Chouguley 18*R.Hannam 49*, M.Candlin 11
E.Robertson 2-9, S.Miller 2-10, M.Kahn 2-17D.Sangster 2-4, N.Chouguley 1-9

Lost By 5 Wkts

From heroes to zeroes. Last season's treble-winning exploits are but a dim memory after we failed in our last attempt at silverware for 2008. Despite missing three top-order batsmen, Wallaci elected to bat first on winning the toss and we struggled to post a competitive total. Shazad (1) popped a catch in the third over, Hemant (3) was run out by a direct hit in the fifth then Ritchie (6) was caught in the sixth over as we laboured to 14 for 3 after 7 overs. Sangster crashed a 6 off Butcher's last ball (4-1-16-1) but it proved to be a false dawn as boundaries remained elusive and the ScWids fielded well. Colvin (9) was run out after a mix-up going for 2 and the introduction of Miller ten runs later did for Dave, holing out to Edwards at long-off for a valuable 29. We could only muster a further 23 off the last 6 overs, mostly due to Nikhil (18*) as Hallett (6) was caught off the back of the bat trying to force the pace on Miller (2-0-10-2), Studders (1) was bowled playing back to a low one, Wallace (3) slashed at Robertson (4-0-9-2) to be caught at mid-off, Kirshin Lal (1) was run-out and Kieron was bowled by Khan (4-0-17-2) for a golden duck off the last ball. Kieron had been summoned as Goutam had been expected but had got his dates mixed up and was on his way home from Paris. That rather summed up the batting display. Only Wong (2-0-17-0) had less than respectable figures.

We needed to make early inroads on what had turned out to be an indifferent pitch for batting. The ScWids had three batsmen that could win them the game. We got two of them cheaply, but the third did indeed win them the game. Nikhil and Dave started very well, to the extent that the Widows were reduced to 15 for 3 after 8 overs, the 3 wickets having fallen in the space of 6 balls. Euan Robertson (5) sliced one to Colvin off Nikhil then Sangster bowled Gregson for a golden and Edwards for a second-ball duck. We looked to be on our way but Hannam set himself to hit Wallaci for successive fours and a three and the game swung back the way of the Widows. Barry Hallett managed a tight first over but he too was boundary bound in his next couple of overs and it took an excellent tight spell from Kieron (4-0-7-0) to keep us in the match. The skipper returned from the top end to bowl the left-handed opener Candlin (11) but Hannam was making the most of the lush outfield by running hard twos and stealing quick leg-byes. 18 was required off the last 3 overs and when Hannam slogged a six off the last ball of Wallace's third over the game was slipping away. Hallett (4-0-24-1) returned to bowl Khan (8) but with only 4 needed off the last over an airy two through point and another clipped two to square leg brought a five-wicket victory to the Widows with three balls remaining. 49* for Hannam to go with his 4-0-12-0, undoubtably a match-winning performance. Valiant bowling by Nikhil (4-0-9-1) and especially Dave (4-1-4-2) had given us a chance but the skipper's easy pickings (3.3-0-31-1) proved to be the main difference.

So, Insurance Trophy success for the Widows for the first time since 2005 and a chance at a double as they play Leith in their first final for 41 years, in the Terry Newcombe Trophy.

Standard Life v Currie & Balerno

23/07/2008Newfield 2
Standard Life 123 for 8 (20.0 overs)Currie & Balerno 99 for 6 (20.0 overs)
D.Sangster 51, M.Forbes 25R.Holroyd 66, B.Fox 11
D.Barry 3-28, S.Dempsey 2-8, G.Mackie 1-13C.Dann 2-12, D.Sangster 1-6, I.Wallace 1-16

Won By 24 Runs

On a rare warm muggy evening, we took on the Villagers in a friendly notable for some individual contributions. After Goof and the Colvinator departed cheaply with lobs to extra cover, Sangster hit hard with 6 fours and three sixes in a ten-over partnership with the Forbester that realised 68 runs before Dave was bowled for 51. Murray found the boundary too but was also caught then Chris Dann padded up next ball. Kieron saw off the hat-trick ball but was soon caught for a duck and it was debutant Richard Chapman (8), David "The Fear" Studders (5), Deepak Verma (2*) and Skipper Wallace (2*) who scrabbled about for the last couple of overs to post a decent total of 123 for 8.

C&B lent us a fielder as we were one short but the openers began with intent although Deepak yorked Scott after he had hit him to the boundary. Fox and Holroyd looked set to chase the total but a tight over from the skipper resulted in Fox splicing one to be caught by Murray at mid-off. 3-0-22-1 for Deepak and 4-1-16-1 for Wallace. The Danncer tucked up the batsmen well and was rewarded when Wallace juggled and held a top-edge to dismiss Mackie, and Chappers' left-arm spin was backed up by decent boundary fielding until his last over when a six and a four by Holroyd took him to the brink of his fifty. Chris struck timber but with skipper Barry joining Holroyd, the Villagers had the pairing to win them the game. 3-0-20-0 for Chapman and a fine 4-0-12-2 by Dann. The game swung our way when Kieron, after going for a 4 and a 2 off his first couple of balls, fielded a good throw from The Fear to run out Barry following a mix-up after a poor call for two. Sangster clipped Holroyd's middle stump to bowl him for a hard-hitting 66 and the game was ours. Kieron had no joy in his 3-0-15-0, Richard dropped a dolly at short mid-off leaving Sangster with 2-0-6-1 and The Fear finished off with 1-0-4-0, aided by a slow-motion one-handed drop by Colvin at slip. A decent friendly and a good win.

E=MCC v Standard Life

16/07/2008Peffermill East
E=MCC 102 for 9 (20.0 overs)Standard Life 105 for 5 (18.3 overs)
M.Evans 28, Byes 17H.Raja 25*, S.Colvin 25, M.Forbes 25
R.Hockin 2-4 C.Gopal 3-21

Won By 5 Wkts

Standard Life v Leith Beige (Parks Trophy)

Leith Beige 137 for 7 (20.0 overs)Standard Life 125 for 6 (20.0 overs)
Tanvir 41, W.Rana 34, Sutcliffe 28*C.Goddard 54, S.Gul 39, N.Chouguley 14
C.Hallett 2-12, G.Das 2-26, I.Wallace 1-22

Lost By 12 Runs

Bank of Scotland v Standard Life

02/07/2008Peffermill West
Standard Life 174 for 7 (20.0 overs)Bank of Scotland 70 for 7 (20.0 overs)
R.Donald 34, C.Goddard 32, S.Gul 30, G.Das 23*, A.Ritchie 17B.Mouat 30, C.Bryen 12*
C.Bryen 2-18 I.Wallace 3-8, D.Verma 1-7

Won By 104 Runs

Standard Life v Royal London CC

19/06/2008Newfield 2
Standard Life 155 for 5 (20.0 overs)Royal London 89 all out (20.0 overs)
R.Thornton 55, R.Donald 34, A.Ritchie 33*Somnahl 26, Harith 17
Asela 2-29P.Ahluwalia 5-7, R.Thornton 2-20

Won By 66 Runs

Thursday night's game was a stunning match apparently, full of good play and excitement from both teams. But enough about the Germany v Portugal Euro 2008 quarter final. We were playing Royal London in the Insurance Trophy.

We batted first and looked like scoring 300, when, first Donald, then Thornton and Sangster (once) played some expansive shots. Rob "did a Pietersen" and was dropped on the boundary. He must have been dropped about nine times this season so far. Once the top order were out, Ritchie and Deepak preferred the more elegant route to guide us to the rather conservative total of 155.

There is only one way to describe the Royal innings - they were 'Pranayed'. Nikhil, Sangers, Rob and Kieron bowled reasonably well to start with, and our total was never really being threatened despite some decent bats at the top of the order. Then, when Pranay came on the chaps from Royal London all decided to do impersonations of Gatting against Warne and before you knew it we could all go home and watch the football highlights. A five-for for Pranay, a rare enough event in these 4-overs-per-bowler days (long gone are the days of allowing one bowler to dominate from one end for the duration of the innings).

Standard Life v Holy Cross (Parks Trophy)

18/06/2008Newfield 2
Standard Life 139 for 4 (20.0 overs)Holy Cross 85 all out (18.2 overs)
R.Thornton 52, S.Gul 26, D.Sangster 23, G.Das 20R.Bainbridge 16, E.Smith 15
S.Bonfield 1-18 D.Fredrick 3-13, D.Sangster 2-19, G.Das 1-6, C.Hallet 1-13, N.Chouguley 1-28

Won By 54 Runs

Skipper Thornton finally won a toss on a dull grey evening and decided to bat first to take advantage of it being less gloomy in the first half. Expect Cow Corner to stock helmets with lamps on them soon.

Goutam again excelled in his opening role, and, with Shazad making his competitive debut for SL at the other end keeping out the good ones and putting away the bad balls, the openers reached 40 odd in the 7th. They bravely survived a short pitched onslaught from HC’s fast Aussie and certain boundaries being stopped by the batsman at the other end, before Shaz was eventually run out pushing for a two.

Rob joined Goutam and the scoring rate accelerated so by the time Goutam was out skying one to mid off, Sanger and Rob had full licence to go for it, Dave in particular putting on an exhibition of how to hit them straight and long, clearing the hedge on one occasion. Holy Cross refused to catch Rob, so Barry Hallett helped them out with a trigger finger quicker than John Wayne, sending Rob to the pavilion just after he'd passed fifty. Murray gave himself too much room and lobbed one to cover, so Dave Studders came in and decided the best approach was to do it in twos, thereby losing a few kilos in the process.

We were defending 7 an over in the gathering gloom and drizzling rain, which made the ball a) hard to see and b) hard to hold. The HC openers got off to a quick start but Deepan and Nik made early breakthroughs, and Barry and Sangers continued to take wickets and were economical. Goutam cleaned up at the end as HC fell well short.

The fielding was enigmatic; schoolboy errors being followed almost immediately by sensational efforts, so much so that it felt like they were all planned (they weren’t). Barry took a reflex caught and bowled, Sangers and Nikhil worked a brilliant one-two and there were a couple of good run outs. Studders, after dropping a skier, saw the same batsman run out off the next ball and then the next bloke kindly present him with an identical chance with he snaffled.

So, on to the semis and a likely re-match with Leith Beige.

Standard Life v E=MCC

11/06/2008Newfield 2
E=MCC 72 for 7 (20.0 overs)Standard Life 73 for 3 (13.4 overs)
T.Jude 22, J.Zanotti 18 K.Blake 29*, H.Raja 22
R.Hockin 2-4, I.Wallace 1-5, H.Raja 1-10, D.Fredrick 1-12, C.Goddard 1-13C.Maynard 1-13

Won By 7 Wkts

Rain? What rain? We started this friendly after a light shower had freshened up the pitch but were only a few overs in when the rain returned with a vengeance. We elected to play on. The rain paused and then returned even heavier than before. Regardless, we ploughed on (literally, in the case of the wicket) and completed the match. A win's a win, after all.

Losing the toss, Wallaci opened with himself and Chris Dann, the latter somewhat wayward in his 3-0-14-0 spell. Wallaci trundled down 3-1-5-1 which should have been better and might have saved us all an hour in the rain if he had caught Zanotti off a simple spoon back to the bowler, instead of tripping over his zimmer and shelling the bar of soap. This after Kieron had dropped a snick behind the sticks. It wasn't really a night for fielding. Deepan hit timber with his first ball, his only success in 3-0-12-1 and Haider recovered from an early boundary to post 2-0-10-1, bowling Virdee. It's not often we can call on the services of a Premier League bowler, but Goddard was prompted to exact some turn from the now sodden wicket. He failed, but lured Zanotti to clobber one straight to Wallace at mid-on. Remarkably, it stuck. 4-0-13-1 for the funster of flight. Roland slid down the hill to claim 3-0-4-2 and should likely have had a hat-trick when he struck pad after bowling two in two balls. Kieron exceeded expectorations with some healthy appeals from behind the stumps, but to no avail. Paul Watts missed out on a similar caught and bowled chance to the skipper but looked even worse in attempting the catch in his 2-0-7-0 spell. 72 for 7 was the target. We were now all looking as wet as Starsky's cardigan in those opening titles all these years ago...

Pranay (perhaps struggling a little with the conditions...) and Alan Minnican squelched out to bat. Pranay was circumspect and struggled to 7 before being run out; Alan was expansive and was bowled for a second ball quacker. Kieron settled in and nudged the ball about, sending little spirals of spray in the air as the Equals slithered to field it. Haider joined him and put more force behind his strokes which enticed Kieron to do likewise with a few reaching the boundary. We didn't exactly race past the total, however. Haider was mistakenly called in to retire when on 22 just after Kieron had hit a four but he gladly ran to the dry and warmth of the changing room anyway. Pity his poor nephew who had been watching throughout. Paul Watts finished on 1* as Kieron reached 29*, having sneakily ignored the retiral rule and earned himself a not out. Thanks to Goof and Roland for umpiring throughout and for everyone else for persevering and completing a game in miserable conditions. It beats watching Euro 2008.

Marchmont v Standard Life (Parks Trophy)

04/06/2008Cavalry Park
Standard Life 140 for 8 (20.0 overs)Marchmont 99 for 8 (20 overs)
C.Goddard 31, G.Das 24, R.Thornton 24, C.Black 17, M.Forbes 17 A.Sardesai 28, A.Renwick 22, S.Peachey 21
S.Peachey 3-35, S.Mathers 2-13, N.Granger 2-21G.Das 4-13, C.Black 1-16, H.Raja 1-17, C.Hallett 1-26

Won By 41 Runs

With the previous night's match against the ScWids a victim of a wet Inch Park, we were champing at the bit to put the Leith loss behind us as we arrived at Cavalry Park to take on East League Div 2 side Marchmont. We pipped Marchmont in the '95 and '99 finals but there are few players remaining a decade on. Rob lost the toss but we batted anyway and Goof and Goot laid a strong foundation with an opening partnership of 59 before both perished in the 11th over, bowled to the slow lobs of Peachey in the space of 4 balls. Rob and Craig Black kicked on, upping the rate with a couple of sixes which seemed the best approach, cutting out the lush outfield that had deprived Goof the full value for some of his strokeplay (the rest got what it deserved). Again the partnership came abruptly to a halt as Black attempted a reverse sweep and was sent packing by umpire Hockin as the ball struck pad rather than bat. This prompted another mini- collapse, Rob being stumped chasing a wide and Chris Dann bowled third ball, all with the score on 101. We batted deep however and good hitting and running from Murray Forbes, Simon Kirkman (5), Chris Hallett (6) and Roland Hockin (7* off the last two balls) brought almost 40 off the last four overs and a challenging total of 140 for 8 off the 20 overs.

Wallaci, in in place of back-injury victim Richard Donald, opened up the hill into the breeze and sun (thanks Skip!) and with Roland tick-tockin' at the other end the Marchmont openers could only scrape to 13 off the first 6 overs. Wallaci's figures took a dunt (0-16) as Renwick knocked 12 off his last over but, coupled with Roland's spell of 0-7, it meant that Marchmont were having to take risks. Haider made the breakthrough by bowling Renwick in the 10th over with the score on 52, Chris Hallett having struggled to find his rhythm at the other end and conceding 13 off his first over. But, despite a dicky tummy (at least he didn't follow-through on the pitch), Big H kept at it and secured the vital wicket of Aaron Sardesai, well caught at deep square leg by Haider for 28. Marchmont had spilled a good few chances which ultimately cost them dear. With marchmont needing 80 off 8, Craig Black and Goutam entered the attack and the spin wizard struck twice in his first three balls, Simon stumping Peachey for 21 then Stevie Mathers offering a tame catch up to Goof at point. From then on we were well in charge and Goutam secured more wickets as Blackie pouched an excellent catch at deep mid-off and Goutam himself snapped up a chalk-ended caight and bowled. Simon missed a stumping chance that would have given Goutam a five-for and with Craig B striking timber and Chris Dann firing in a great throw for a run-out it was a very solid all-round team performance that secured a comfortable win. Selection problems for the next round if everyone's fit and available!

Standard Life v Leith Beige (Terry Newcombe Trophy)

29/05/2008 Newfield
Leith Beige 132 for 6 (20.0 overs) Standard Life 127 for 5 (20 overs)
W.Nettleton 48*, Tanveer 27*, MO.McLean 16R.Donald 69*, R.Thornton 29, D.Sangster 11
I.Wallace 2-15, C.Hallet 1-9, N.Chougeley 1-18 D.Harper 2-22, W.Nettleton 1-17, W.Rana 1-19

Lost By 5 Runs

Alas, we fell at the first hurdle when defending one of our treble, in a game we looked to have secure after the first ten overs as Leith had battled to 45 for 5. With Linklater bowled for an early duck and McLean and Rana flashing the odd four off the edge before perishing, Wallace and Sangster then Hallett and Chougeley exerted good pressure early on. Chris Hallett was supremely miserely, with only three scoring shots off his spell, one of which was a six. This came as Leith started to turn it around, the left-handed Nettleton, a recent recruit, hoisting Pranay for two sixes in an over as the score leapt to 64 after the 11th over then more than doubled in the remaining 9 overs. The returning Sangster was harshly dealt with as Nettleton and Tanveer flayed anything short and the resulting 39 off the last 3 overs was to prove costly.

Our reply started solidly but slowly with Nikhil eventually presenting a return catch for 1 in the 4th over. Goof chased a wide one to depart for 4 then Rob and Richard set about making inroads into the target with a run-a-ball partnership of 59 featuring some much-needed boundaries. Both rode their luck as Leith seemed reluctant to hold the catches that would have secured a comfortable win but as the rate required increased to ten an over, Rob pulled it straight to square leg where Linklater took a smart catch. Sangster helped Richard keep to the rate but he perished to a good running catch off a full toss leaving 15 required off 7 balls. The boundaries evaded us in the last few balls and with Goutam run out for 1, Chris Dann (3*) had a hopeless task to try and snatch it at the death.

A poor loss really, given the position we held in the first quarter, but credit to Leith for sticking to it and winning the way we did so often last season. Such are the margins between success and failure.

Standard Life v Edinburgh Casuals

22/05/2008 Newfield

Match cancelled

Our opponents didn't show. We had some useful match practice instead, five pairs of batsmen facing five overs per pair which gave everyone a bat and a bowl - more than would have happened in a real game. Sangster and Fredrick took the honours with a score of 38 after Hallett and Dann had set the early pace, a three-for for Wallaci fatefully eating into their tally. Haider launched a fine six and a few boundaries off Dann as revenge for being bowled by a good leg- cutter which sconned keeper Colvin on the noggin. Haider and Watts threatened briefly until the Whippet bowled Paul then Thornton and new boy Craig Meikle displayed a wide range of talents in a partnership that ultimately took the wooden spoon, aided by a fine catch at deep midwicket by Paul Watts and a suicidal run attempetd by Rob. Colvin shook off his head knock to be bowled by Kirkbrae buddy Sangster as Wallaci nicked a few boundaries before being yorked by a straight ball.

Thanks to everyone for participating.

Standard Life v Old Contemptibles

Standard Life 113 for 6 (20.0 overs) Old Contemptibles 97 for 6 (20 overs)
S.Colvin 46, N.Chouguley 40D.Ross 22, A.Lomax 15*
Curran 2-19, D.MacCallister 2-28, A.Lomax 1-14 P.Ahluwalia 2-4, C.Dann 3-33, N.Chouguley 1-7

Won By 16 Runs

Standard Life v Maccabi

13/05/2008 Newfield
Standard Life 122 for 6 (20.0 overs) Maccabi 123 for 7 (19 overs)
C.Dann 30, D.Studders 26, G.Das 18, P.Ahluwalia 14C.Adams 30, Sunni 30, Raza 26*, Amit 17
Amit 2-15, G.McLean 1-9 C.Dann 1-14, C.Hallett 1-17, G.Das 1-19, K.Blake 1-27

Lost By 3 Wkts

The last time we lost an evening fixture was on the 1st August 2006, against the same opponents, at the same venue. We even scored the same total, 122, although we were chasing on that occasion. Having been invited to bat by the Maccabi World XI, we stuttered to a start as McLean and Bargon hemmed us in. Boundaries were rare and at 43 for 3 at the halfway mark we needed the late injection of slashes and hoiks (all cultured shots I'm sure) from Dann (30*) and Studders (26 - only his second knock in 12 appearances - a patient man) to post a reasonable 122 for 6. Debutants included Pranay Ahluwalia who made a slightly unorthodox 14 and well-known face Shazad Gul who only entered the fray in the last over.

Maccabi were boisterous in reply, with Sangster and Haider struggling to keep it to five an over. Sunni hefted a six off Haider before he and Adams retired on 30. There was no let-up, however, despite Potter being caught & bowled by Kieron for 6 (one scoring shot), with one of the sixes almost landing over the hedge on Inverleith Place. Kieron dropped a skier that may have swung the game our way but with 14 needed off two overs Maccabi did it in one, Amit skelping Chris Dann about before being caught.

So, the unbeaten midweek record ends after 19 wins in a row. Or 20, if you count beating Ednburgh South on the toss of a coin last season...

Edinburgh University Staff v Standard Life

08/05/2008 Peffermill East
Edinburgh University Staff 40 for 9 (20.0 overs) Standard Life 41 for 1 (7.3 overs)
K.Lal 3-7, C.Dann 2-4, R.Hockin 2-5D.Sangster 27*, A.Ritchie 9
I.Wallace 1-4, H.Raja 1-7 A.N.Other 1-10

Won By 9 Wkts

A sunny start to the season was clouded by a rather one-sided affair against a weak Varsity staff side who were a mere shadow of the opponents we defeated in last season's Terry Newcombe Trophy Final. With our team half-full of debutants an excellent bowling performance on a slow and low wicket saw us steadily work through the EUS batting line-up. Roland Hockin and Craig Black both took their first wickets for the club before conceding a run and Kirshin Lal skidded his way to a three-for as extras matched runs off the bat in the EUS total of 40.

Alan Ritchie found the boundary, quickly followed by Dave Sangster who remained unbeaten on 27 as we zipped past the total in the 8th over. Remarkably every wicket in the match was bowled, aided by Paul Watts dropping a sitter at mid-off. As we were finished early we had a six- overs-per-side thrash, Haider and Craig hitting out in our total of 60 which the Staff almost got half of as the big fat red sun sank into the city.

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